UNV is Back


After UNV II just released their latest comeback album Kings of the Quiet Storm, there seems to be possibilities of a reunion of all the original members, with just one change. UNV founding members John Poww, Shawn Martin, John “JC” Clay, and Demetrius Peete recently met up to discuss bringing the group back together completely intact – with one addition. They would retain Terry Thomas from UNV II and the quartet would become a quintet.

The crew was spotted at the renowned The Original House of Pancakes in Southfield, Mich, with none other than John Mason, co-host of Detroit’s KISS 105.9’s Mason & Coco in the Morning Show, and the very person who gave the group their start. The group meeting with their old mentor secures the deal making a UNV reunion eminent.



“Mason reminded us that we made history. No R&B group in the city of Detroit has been able to secure a record deal and have the number one record in the country,” said John Poww, writer and one of the lead singers of the group’s number one hit “Something’s Goin’ On.”

As Peaches & Herb so fittingly put it Reunited, and it feels so good; this reunion may very well be the breakout this group needs as several 90s R&B groups flock back on the scene with some missing/recasted cast members. UNV is wasting no time. They are already back in the studio working on their first single with all the original members. Welcome back UNV!

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