Q1. Are these the original group members?

No, with the exception of John J. Poww, all other members are new and include Terry Thomas, Bryon McClendon "Suge", and Jay Allen Stuart "Jas".

Q2. Were the former members given the opportunity to rejoin the group?

Yes, discussions about the original group performing together again have occurred in the past, but unfortunately nothing ever came of it.

The decision was finally made to push forward because we felt that the real R&B music of UNV needed to be heard.

Q3. Wasn't Shawn Martin a part of the reunion?

Yes, Shawn was originally a part of the UNV reunion but has since decided to pursue his own solo projects.

Q4. Why UNV II?

UNV II was coined to make it clear that the group has undergone some changes.

While individually, none of the members can be replaced; collectively we feel that UNV II can deliver the unified harmonious voices and real R&B music that UNV was known for. With the primary writer, J.Poww, at the heart of this project we are confident that UNV II can keep the legacy alive.

Q5. Is UNV II signed to a major label?

No, UNV II is signed under J.Poww's independent label, Powwer Moves Records. We are rebuilding the legacy from the ground up which means your support is that much more important. Every purchase, every like, every share brings us closer to bringing real R&B back.

Q6. What do the new members bring to the group?

Terry, Suge and Jas are all vocally-gifted and together the unity and chemistry is exactly what we were looking for. Equally important is their drive and commitment to the rebuild of UNV II. They are not just great voices but are in the trenches making it happen.

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