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J.Poww can be seen each Sunday singing with his two daughters in their church choir. He is married with six kids, works a 9-5 job and is torn between the stability that provides and fulfilling his dream. Sounds like a pretty normal guy; only J.Poww is anything but normal.

His dream:  to be an international recording artist singing in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Sounds pretty far-fetched—except for the fact that he has been there before. You see, J.Poww is one of the former lead singers of the R&B male quartet, U.N.V., who experienced international success in the early 90s. Their hit smash “Something’s Goin’ On” made it to number one on the billboard charts.

While J.Poww has experienced some success with his independent albums, he feels he has one last chance to make it to the top again. But so much has changed over the last twenty years. Instead of half-million dollar budgets, he must independently fund his music projects on his own. His family of eight is not your ordinary family. He has been married to his wife, Krissy, for almost six years. Together they have six kids, three boys and three girls - the modern day Brady Bunch. But with a blended family comes some complexities. J.Poww and Krissy strive to be in sync in order to intertwine their families and raise them with God in the forefront. Most importantly, his faith in God is now the center of everything he does. In everything he must consider one question. Is this the path that God has for him?

Believing that God would not place a desire in his heart that he can’t fulfill, J.Poww takes a temporary leave from a normal day job and attempts to reunite the group U.N.V. with his brother, Shawn, and two new members. This reunion will not come without its trials. Staying true to R&B at a time when music has taken such a drastic turn will not be easy. But the group is determined to stay true to its roots and the music that brought them their past success. Add the struggles of trying to make a comeback on a limited budget, juggling separate careers, and feeling time is running out; you can expect that everyone will not always see eye to eye.

Poww Life - God, Family, Music will give you a  glimpse into the life of this not-so-ordinary man as he strives to be a better servant of God, better husband and father and make his way back to the top. J.Poww is no stranger to overcoming the odds but with God in the center, he can only say to Him be the glory.

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